rSkybox is a 'application intelligence' tool that goes beyond analytics by ensuring your mobile application continually provides the value to end users that you intended it to provide. Implemented as a cloud-based service that is 100% accessible from any type of mobile device, rSkybox is available as a subscription service where you only pay for what you use.

To use rSkybox, a developer includes the rSkybox library inside their iOS, Android or HTML5 app and then inserts "smart logs" statements that invoke the rSkybox agent. Any issues detected are reported to the rSkybox service. Issues reported by multiple mobile clients are combined into common "incident" threads and -- based on user preferences -- are sent to members of the application team as either emails, text messages or both. Each incident provides summary info (how many times the issue occurred, when it happened and an auto generated severity), device contextual info (platform, OS version, browser type, browser version, etc) as well as application contextual information (the last 20 actions the user performed as well as stack trace when appropriate). At any time, a user can generate a detailed incident report formatted so it can be readily used to create an ticket in any of the many issue tracking tools.

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platforms all
cost pay per use
Available Since June 2013
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