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Job Posting: Android Developer

Job Description

StretchCom, an agile development company building cloud based, mobile applications, is currently seeking an experienced Android mobile developer to join our team. This is a great opportunity to work for a startup company that is building applications for both the consumer and enterprise markets. We are very excited about our initial offering - rTeam - which is currently available on the iPhone. An Android version will be released soon.


Primary responsibilities will center around building native applications for the Android platform. All developers play an active role in the initial brainstorming and the eventual design, coding and testing of the mobile applications. For practical reasons, we sometimes take a divide-and-conquer approach allowing developers to focus on a particular area. However, there are constant opportunities to work on cloud computing platforms, REST APIs, automated testing strategies and more.

Required Skills and Experience

The ideal candidate is someone with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering and has built and deployed at least one Android application. Since our focus is on collaborative applications, it is essential that you are not only a good team player, but someone that thoroughly enjoys working and learning with others.


Competitive salary and benefits package.

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